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Company Background

Thermalin Inc. is developing a pipeline of patent pending insulin analogs that address significant unmet needs in the rapidly growing insulin market ($17B today, $70B expected worldwide by 2030).  Founded on a portfolio of new insulin analogs invented by Dr. Michael Weiss, Chairman Emeritus of Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve Medical School and Director of Therapeutic Protein Institute, Thermalin has recently entered a license and collaboration agreement with a top-5 pharmaceutical company related to two of its insulin programs.


Performing cell-based assays and immunoassays for preclinical characterization of insulin analogs


·      Independently plan and reliably conduct studies in a fast-paced environment

·      Assist in development and validation of cell-based potency assays

·      Prepare/optimize SOPs; prepare accurate and clear study and assay-development reports

·      Effectively work with other functional teams: production, formulation, and data management

·      Compile analytical data, perform data analysis and interpretation

·      Order and maintain laboratory reagents and supplies, perform tasks as assigned

·      Implement sample and laboratory management system

Typical activities

·      Perform:

·      Cell-based metabolic assays for insulin activity

·      High-throughput cell proliferation assays using colorimetric readouts

·      Cell culture and cell-based assays in microplates

·      Assays manually and with semi-automatic systems

·      Sample inventory control and handling

·      Data analysis with established templates

·      Solution/buffer preparation, support

·      Creating accurate documentation for all studies


·      Extensive cell culture experience

·      Microplate cell-based assay experience including troubleshooting

·      Follow protocols precisely; record results accurately and meticulously

·      Excellent sample and data management

·      Prompt and accurate record keeping

·      Juggling several simultaneous projects

·      Good listener.  Strong, concise, and consistent written and oral communication

Personal characteristics

·      Meticulous and detail oriented, responsible & mature

·      Good mechanical skills; hands-on person

·      Passionate, committed to excellence; driven to make projects and company succeed

·      Persistent/tenacious, proactive self-starter, thorough follow-up; problem solver 

·      Initiates change. Sense of urgency

·      Takes responsibility. Gets things done personally as well as through others

·      Risk taker, flexible and adaptable.  Comfortable with ambiguity

·      Good with people, team player, sense of humor

·      Demonstrated strong ethics


·      At least 2 years experience post graduation, preferably in an industry setting

·      At least 3 distinct, observable examples where achieved meaningful excellence

·      Must have a B.S./M.S in cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology or related science in addition to appropriate laboratory experience

·      We do not provide sponsorship.  Must be eligible to work in the US


We offer a competitive salary with bonus based on agreed upon objectives and stock options

Location: Cleveland, OH
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